Seach by standardized microsat profile instructions

In order to search by standardized microsat profile you have to submit some informations. The system will use them to standardize your values in order to obtain more accurated search results.

The following steps are required to complete this search task:

  1. the user select one of the variety available in the system
  2. the system requires some informations:
    • the system show the the selected variety microsat profile
    • the user insert his/her microsat profile related to the selected variety
    • the user insert the microsat profile to search
    • the user specify a possible error range for the searched values
  3. The system show the following informations:
    • the microsat profile values to search for, the profile is obtained standardizing the inserted values
    • the value range used to search the loci values
    • the varities matching the selected criterias

Step 1 - select a variety