Globo di pesca: ampelografia

OIV description value images
001 Young shoot: opening of the shoot tip 5 fully open shoot
004 Young Shoot: density of prostrate hairs on tip 1 none or very low
016 Shoot: number of consecutive tendrils 1 2 or less
051 Young leaf: color of the upper side of blade (4 th leaf) 1 green leaf
067 Mature leaf: shape of blade 3 pentagonal
068 Mature leaf: number of lobes 5 more than seven
070 Mature leaf: area of anthocyanin coloration of main veins on upper side of blade 1 absent
076 Mature leaf: shape of teeth 3 both sides convex
079 Mature leaf: degree of opening / overlapping of petiole sinus 3 (5) open
081-2 Mature leaf: petiole sinus base limited by veins 1 not limited
084 Mature leaf: density of prostrate hairs between the main veins on lower side of blade 1 none or very low
087 Mature leaf: density of erect hairs on main veins on lower side of blade 1 none or very low
151 Flower: sexual organs 3 fully developed stamens and fully developed gynoecium
223 Berry: shape 2 / 3 globose / broad ellipsoid
225 Berry: color of skin 2 / 3 rose / red