Lambrusca di Alessandria: general information

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botanical information
Lambrusca di Alessandria
type of origin
Vitis vinifera
variety group
not available
variety for
Registered in the National Catalogue
Official name
Lambrusca di Alessandria N.
documented synonyms (6)
synonyms documented by the Istitution that appear with the eventual support of the literature
  • Pezzè (Comasco e Lecchese)
  • Moretto (Tortonese (Alessandria))
  • Crova (Pinerolese (Torino))
  • Crovìn (Roero (Cuneo))
  • Croetto (Monferrato orientale (Alessandria))
  • Stupèt (Astigiano)
wrong denominations (1)
wrong denominations indicated by the Istitution that appear with the eventual support of the literature
  • Neretto di Alessandria (Val Chisone (Torino))
released clones
  • shoot
  • leaf
  • bunch
  • berry
Historical references

It is hard to identify the first quotation of this variety in the historical documents, as its two typical names, ‘Lambrusca’ and ‘Croetto’, are used for numerous varieties. Such names are reported in the work by count Nuvolone (1799) and even few years earlier in the poem by don Spagarino (Pasqua, 1993): however, it is hard to say they truly refer to ‘Lambrusca di Alessandria’ (synonym ‘Croetto’).

A more certain quotation, established by the mention of the synonym ‘Moretto’ exclusively referring to this variety, is the one by Giorgio Gallesio, who found the ‘Moretto’ in the area of Alessandria (South-eastern Piedmont) in the 1830s, stating also its synonym Lambrusca (Gallesio, 1995).

As for other varieties from South-eastern Piedmont, Demaria and Leardi (1875) are the two authors who compiled the first detailed ampelographic description, also confirming more objectively the mentioned synonyms.

distribution & variation

The name ‘di Alessandria’ (i.e. ‘from Alessandria’) much likely identify the area of origin of this variety. However, due to some cultural features and the high productivity, ‘Lambrusca di Alessandria’ was in the past rather widespread in Piemonte and even outside of the region. Thanks to the late bud break and the relatively early grape ripening, it has been planted in the valley floors or in the cold locations with high risk of spring frosts and short warm summers. The great yield has yet contributed to its popularity.

Besides the synonyms of Moretto, Croetto and locally Stupét used in Piedmont, since the end of 1800 Lambrusca di Alessandria was known in the areas of Lecco and Varese (Lombardy) with the further synonym of Pezzé.

Today ‘Lambrusca di Alessandria’ accounts for no more than 80 ha, all in Piedmont and referring to old plantings (ISTAT, 2010).

technological use

‘Lambrusca di Alessandria’ grapes give a wine generally reputed of inferior quality even in the past; it shows too high tannins and low alcohol content. Varietal-vinification experiences are not known today.

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