Arneis: ampelografia

OIV description value images
001 Young shoot: opening of the shoot tip 5 fully open shoot
003 Young Shoot: intensity of anthocyanin coloration on prostrate hairs of tip 3 low
004 Young Shoot: density of prostrate hairs on tip 7 high
007 Shoot: color of dorsal side of internodes 2 green and red
008 Shoot: color of ventral side of internodes 1 green
016 Shoot: number of consecutive tendrils 1 2 or less
051 Young leaf: color of the upper side of blade (4 th leaf) 2 yellow leaf
067 Mature leaf: shape of blade 2 wedge-shaped
068 Mature leaf: number of lobes 3 five
070 Mature leaf: area of anthocyanin coloration of main veins on upper side of blade 1 absent
072 Mature leaf: goffering of blade 1 absent or very weak
074 Mature leaf: profile of blade in cross section 2 V-shaped
076 Mature leaf: shape of teeth 2 both sides straight
079 Mature leaf: degree of opening / overlapping of petiole sinus 5 closed
080 Mature leaf: shape of base of petiole sinus 2 brace-shaped ({)
081-1 Mature leaf: teeth in the petiole sinus 1 none
081-2 Mature leaf: petiole sinus base limited by veins 1 not limited
083-2 Mature leaf: teeth in the upper lateral sinuses 9 present
084 Mature leaf: density of prostrate hairs between the main veins on lower side of blade 5 medium
087 Mature leaf: density of erect hairs on main veins on lower side of blade 3 low
094 Mature leaf: depth of upper lateral sinuses 5 medium
206 Bunch: length of peduncle of primary bunch 3 short bunch
208 Bunch: shape 2 conical
209 Bunch: number of wings of the primary bunch 2 1 - 2 wings
223 Berry: shape 2 globose berry
225 Berry: color of skin 1 green yellow
231 Berry: intensity of flesh anthocyanin coloration 1 none or very weak
235 Berry: firmness of flesh 1 soft
236 Berry: particularity of flavor 1 none
241 Berry: formation of seeds 3 complete